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From customized products to custom-sized volumes, MS UNICHEM can accommodate every requirement in fine chemicals.

MS UNICHEM is a fine chemical company specializing in High-tech materials in next-generation chemical fields and seek to provide other high-value fine chemical solutions.

Founded in 2016, MS UNICHEM inherits the management philosophy of MS Group, which has more than 40 years of experience, to provide stable production and various solution services for high value-added, high-tech chemical materials that are widely used in semiconductor, OLED, cosmetics and household chemical products.

MS UNICHEM is expanding its business base and business areas with the goal of realizing 3S quality policy and priority customer satisfaction with a focus on reliability through thorough management system, safe and reliable production system, and continuous system improvement..

MS UNICHEM strives to meet the future needs of customers, create customer value and contribute to the development of humanity based on innovative technology and service.

Seeking to Provide Best Value to Customer Needs in Advance


The Leading · Innovative Company, Providing Best Value to Customer

  • Together with People

    Fostering the Best Talent in each field with People as the Basis of Management.

  • Always Awake

    Recognizing Crises as new Opportunities, Constantly Challenging, Leading Innovation and Change.

  • Create New Value

    Maximizing the Value of Businesses and Customers, Contributing to the Society and Nation on an Ongoing Basis.